From 2000 until the merger

  • Toyota Technocraft Co., Ltd.
  • J-TACS Corporation
May 2000 Transferred the operations of the New Car Maintenance Division to TOYOTA ADOMINISTA
January 2001 J-TACS Corporation established
Spin-off from Toyota Motor Corporation, the company started an accessories and conversion business for vehicles to be exported overseas, maintaining Toyota quality
January Toyota Motor Corporation’s COSMOS* system launched
*Vehicle ordering system for overseas markets
March 2002 TRD Vitz Challenge started
April Increased paid-in capital to 1,545 million yen(JPY)
September Started operating Toyota Heartful Plaza Nagoya
November First Toyota Motor Sports Festival held (planned and run by TRD)
Be in charge of parts development for AVENSIS for the first time
Number of accessories increased, thanks to robust business for the Middle East and prpper developments to meet market requirements
May 2003 Opened a business office at Aichi Tokai Center
June Sold an overseas subsidiary, TRD USA Inc. to Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (TMS)
August Increased paid-in capital to 1.7 billion yen(JPY)
September Started operating Toyota Heartful Plaza Sapporo
January 2004 Invested in a Thai joint venture, Thai Auto Conversion (TAC)
(Sold to TOYOTA AUTO BODY CO.,LTD. in January 2012)
Increased sales at Heartful Plaza, thanks to stronger needs (129% compared to previous year)
June Held a 50th anniversary ceremony
August MODELLISTA parts to be dealt in dealer business negotiation terminals (PAL) to promote sales of parts for new car
November 3,000th unit of the HIMEDIC produced
November Needs increased, thanks to the development of rear exhaust pipes for the COASTER in Saudi Arabia
Grills and aero parts for the special edition of Scion for North America developed massive levels of popularity
September 2005 Shibaura Lexus BP Shop became a certified Plant
October Started operating Toyota Heartful Plaza Sendai
Participated in the GCC* Product Conference hosted by Toyota Motor Corporation, for the first time
*Gulf Cooperation Council
June 2006 Opened Aichi Plant (currently Nagoya Plant)
June Started manufacturing the Royal Lounge, a completed car based on the ALPHARD G/V/hybrid
March 2007 Withdrew from the large conversion business Transferred to functional organization
April Established branding declaration: Something Extra
August Started manufacturing a completed car, the Multi Role Transporter with improved baggage room, based on the HIACE/REGIUS ACE
October 4,000th unit of the HIMEDIC produced
October Became a sponsor of TOYOTA AUTO BODY CO.,LTD. at the Dakar Rally
Revenue reached 20 billion yen(JPY), thanks to increased vehicle export and improved recognition/installation racio
Stared posting personnel to Taiwan and China
January 2008 Yokohama Plant renamed to “Yokohama Head Office”
February Opened Nagoya Sales Office
February TRD Amlux collection closed
May 1,000th unit of Netz Cup Vitz Race vehicles produced
May TRD Station (in Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken) established
May Invested in GTA Co.,Ltd
May Improved order processing and logistics as a result of introducing the , an intranet for dealers
Liaison Conference started with Product Planning Office of the C&A Development Division
September 2009 Nagoya Sales Office closed
October 10th anniversary of the Netz Cup Vitz Race
October Sales of aero parts increased, thanks to the launch of the PRIUS
LC200 grill adopted inline for the first time for Toyota Motor Corporation
LEXUS RX introduced front spoilers for Japan Highly evaluated in terms of both design and color, satisfying stringent color quality standards
Large-scale reorganization to promote professionalism across the entire organization
April 2010 Headquarters system was transferred to the Functional Division and Office system
May 5,000th unit of the HIMEDIC produced Memorial ceremony held
November 30th anniversary of the Toyota One Make Race
Fully participated in a LC200 60th anniversary special edition car project, being firmly trusted by Toyota Motor Corporation
Several accessory parts were adopted at the introduction of CT200h for the Middle East, while preparation was completely made in-house from design stage, which contributed to cost reduction and quality improvements
November Started sales of products as Toyota genuine parts in Japan
Increased needs for accessories
January 2011 50th anniversary of Yokohama Plant
January Shibaura Plant renamed to “LEXUS Service Center Tokyo”
Opened the JMENARO and the Tokyo Office
January 2012 Sold a Thai joint venture, Thai Auto Conversion (TAC), to TOYOTA AUTO BODY CO.,LTD.
Started posting personnel to UAE
March Hosted the Techno Festival
Revenue of parts sales increased along with new car sales increase due to eco-car tax reduction
and differentiation needs for increased number of cars sold in parallel channels
June PT. TRD. INDONESIA established as a subsidiary
Started posting personnel to Thailand
July 2013 86 won a Morizo Award at Toyota Awards 2012
2014 JMENARO established
January 2014 86 TRD Griffonb Concept 014 won an Award in the concept car category at the Tokyo International Custom Car Contest 2014
June Held a 60th anniversary ceremony (at Fuji Speedway)
June MODELLISTA reorganization, shifting to more community-based operations
2015 Developed the LEXUS RC F GT3
Sales of parts increased (ALPHARD and VELLFIRE), along with inquiries from abroad
Establishes Service Division in Dubai
April 2017 New building for Aichi Plant (currently Nagoya Plant) completed
October Trusted operations to Toyota parts distributor companies: logistics, complaint-handling, sales promotion and dealer support
Started posting personnel to the U.S.