President's Message/Corporate Philosophy

President’s Message:
“With thankfulness and expertise”

President Kazuya Inagaki
PresidentKazuya Inagaki

On behalf of all Toyota Customizing & Development team members, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued patronage and support.

TCD was born from the merger of three companies in distinctly individual business fields (accessories, vehicle conversion, and motorsports) within the Toyota group, creating a company with a unique combination of expertise.

Applying this expertise throughout the planning, development, production, sales, and after-sales service phases gives us the capability to build distinctive vehicles that uphold Toyota's reputation for high quality.

Our expertise is reflected in the name of the company. Through customizing, we intend to be a leader of the mobility-based society of the future and continue to provide highly original accessories, installations, and special purpose vehicles that meet the widest range of needs throughout the world. Through development, we intend to grow hand-in-hand with Toyota's motorsports activities and bring new technologies and value to the market by creating ever-more sophisticated advanced technologies at the pinnacle of global motorsports.

As expressed in our slogan, the mission of TCD is "CHASE the New Speciality: For a Mobility Society with Outstanding Individuality." *
We are dedicated to broadening the market both inside Japan and throughout the world and helping to realize an ever-more prosperous society through personalized customization and development.

We look forward to working and interacting with you even more closely in the future.
* This slogan expresses our dedication to applying speciality expertise to achieve unique mobile solutions for everyone in society.

Corporate philosophy

CHASE the New Speciality:For Mobility Society with Outstanding Individuality
We aim to fully contribute to the realization of a broad, affluent mobility society for everyone in terms of both customization and development as our unique points.
“Pursuing cutting-edge technology”
“Offering attractive values”
We look toward the future with these two visions.
We will create and deliver new value around the world with our original technology, making much of customers’ view-point.
Never being afraid of failure, we learn and actively address all challenges.
We seriously deal with all customers and employees, and we act with honesty, consideration, and integrity.
Assuring quality with a sense of safety and security.
Social contribution
Familiarizing the members compliance rules, we contribute to society through work & business activities.
Offering attractive values that are only available from our company.