• Toyota Technocraft Co., Ltd.
  • J-TACS Corporation
June 1954 Toyopet Seibi Co., Ltd.
With increased demand for new cars, began a used car refabricating business, which was driven by a shortage in vehicle supplies
March 1956 Modified a car for an Australian rally
SF model sedan modified into a station wagon
June   Started manufacturing microbuses.
January 1961 Opened Tsunashima Plant (currently Yokohama Office)
December 1963 Increased paid-in capital to 40 million yen(JPY)
February 1964 Changed company name to “Toyopet Service Center Co., Ltd.”
March 1965 New Shibaura Plant completed
April   Increased paid-in capital to 100 million yen(JPY)
April   Special Development Division (currently TRD) established
September 1966 Manufactured a 007 Bond Car (modified a Toyota 2000GT)
Manufactured a Toyota 2000GT Bond Car used in the 007 series of films; modified a Toyota 2000GT into a convertible
January 1968 Supported the Monte Carlo Rally
March   Opened Ogikubo Plant
May   Increased paid-in capital to 200 million yen(JPY)
January 1972 Opened Fukagawa Plant
August 1974 Newly established TOSCO* depot for the development and sales of motor sports parts and components, etc.
*Toyota Sports Corner
August 1976 TRD established
TOSCO trademark changed to TRD
May 1978 Opened Tama Plant
June   TSC Inc. established as a subsidiary
January 1979 TRD USA Inc. established as an overseas subsidiary (sold to Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. in 2003)
November 1981 Hosted first-ever Starlet One Make Race in Japan
January 1990 Changed company name to “Toyota Technocraft Co., Ltd.”
May 1992 Launched the Toyota HI-MEDIC ambulance
Started manufacturing the TOYOTA HIMEDIC (a “high-standard” ambulance) certified by Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency as a “high-standard” ambulance for the first time in Japan, with manufacturing started at Yokohama Plant
March 1996 Opened Shonan Plant
Started a car customization business to support car sales in Japan in the recession period after bubble economy
July   New building of Ogikubo Plant completed
February 1998 1,000th unit of the HIMEDIC produced
    To expand the car customization business by participating in numerous events, etc.
Joint work with domestic sales operations of Toyota Motor Corporation
    Manufactured and sold completed cars as a joint activity with Toyota Motor Corporation
First completed car for MODELLISTA
Powerful full-metal flare with sporty four round headlights and large fog lamps
July Started operating Toyota Heartful Plaza Tokyo
October Started operating Toyota Heartful Plaza Kobe
June 1999 Held a 45th anniversary memorial ceremony
    With an increased number of completed car models, changed distribution channels to direct sales via dealers
November Started operating Toyota Heartful Plaza Fukuoka