Message from the President

President Kazuya Inagaki

We are working to help realize a more sustainable society.

The mission of TCD is to deliver innovative specialty technologies and value that bring a flavor of individuality to our mobility-based society. Through this mission, we are aiming to help realize an ever-more prosperous society.

Toward this objective, we have defined a two-fold vision based on our strengths: the breadth of our business units and the robustness of our corporate foundation. Under this vision, we plan to carry out a range of initiatives leading up to 2030. We have complemented nine SDGs with a special eighteenth goal: to bring deeper personal happiness to people around the world. We are treating these goals as yardsticks for the success of our initiatives.

Global values are currently undergoing a fundamental shift from the accumulation of things to the achievement of deeper personal happiness. Our special eighteenth goal reflects this shift and expresses our desire to continue supporting our customers by creating excitement and helping to make their dreams come true.

Through our CHASE corporate philosophy, every member of TCD will continue striving to help realize a more sustainable society.

President Kazuya Inagaki