Introducing our business

TCD business and main strengths

In consideration of a coming mobility society, TCD aims to fully contribute to bring new values to the world by our three main business units: Accessories, Conversion, and Motor Sports.
In addition, we have Production function and Corporate one to support these three business units, as well as Research and Development to support the units with cutting-edge technologies and to pursue the further enhancement of value.
Here are some brief overviews.

Why is TCD the customers’ choice?

TCD was established through the merger of three companies with different specialties.
Thanks to the synergy effects of their individual fields of expertise, the company dynamically realizes efficiency promotion in business, in addition to multiplier effects, and delivers new added values to customers.
  • Integrating development with customization
  • Covering all issues from planning and development to production, sales, and after-sales services
  • Global network and vast international business scheme